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You will first receive your certified translation as a PDF file in as little as 2 working days*. The hard copy will be mailed by standard post within 24 working hours.

(*) Leadtime of 2-3 working days for an order of max. 4 pages in digital version and accelerated processing. For detailed information, please see our Lead times & processing terms.

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1-4 pages 4-5 business days 2-3 business days
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Legally recognised translation services around the world, in particular in Europe, USA.

ACSTraduction is the first language provider specialised in certified translation services.

The certified translation (also known as official translation) of your official documents such as birth and marriage certificates, academic transcripts, diplomas, degrees, administrative documents such as contracts is undertaken in accordance with industry standards and will be carried out by our sworn translators certified by the cour d'appel (Court of Appeal) for France, by our professional translators for the UK or the USA, or by our translators approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for other countries.

The sworn translator assigned to the certified translation is chosen on the basis of the language combination and purpose of your document. For example, a certified translation of your English or German birth certificate for official purposes in France will be translated by our sworn translators recognised by the public authorities in France.

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