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Anke Seyberth, sworn translator for over 20 years, founded ACS Traduction (website: ), a certified translation agency based in Grenoble, France.

ACSTraduction works with the best professional translators in France and overseas.

We created the online shop "" in 2014, making us the first translation agency specialising in sworn translation to offer the online purchase of certified translations.

Do you expect a lot?
We expect more!

In addition to choosing the best translator, we embrace a work method that focuses on paying attention to our clients and understanding their needs, providing a high level professional expertise, and applying a rigorous quality assurance process.

Our website allows you to easily order your sworn translations online for your administrative procedures, such as for immigration, naturalization, legal proceedings, etc.

You benefit from our great expertise in professional and sworn translation. We can also advise or guide you with regard to your administrative formalities within as part of your sworn translation order.

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Our objective:
To deliver documents to you that are perfectly natural in the desired language and adapted to your target audience.
At ACSTraduction, we strive for and demand high-quality results.

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Our team of sworn translators

portait d'Anke


Sworn Translator in German-English-French

Anke, a sworn translator of German descent, works with all kinds of translations in French, German and English. She has been a sworn translator since 1999. She has diplomas in both Translation and International Business, as well as dual nationality French-German. Anke is the founder of the ACSTraduction agency.

portait de Claudia


Sworn Translator in German-French

Claudia is a German national and a sworn translator for German and French. She currently lives in France and specialises in legal translation. She works with business translations and translates, for example, social statuses, contracts and conditions of sale.

portait de Beatriz


Sworn Translator in Spanish-French-English

Beatrice, who has dual nationality French-Spanish, has great experience in certified and legal translation. She is a sworn translator in Madrid, Spain.

portait de Catherine


Sworn Translator in Italian-French

Catherine is a sworn translator for Italian and French. She has been a sworn translator since 2005, accredited by the Court of Appeal of Milan. She has a Master's in Law and translates all administrative and legal documents.

portait de Catharina


Sworn Translator in Dutch-French

Catharina is a sworn translator for Dutch. She knows the ins and outs of certified translations of criminal records, company registration and bank statements.

portait de Hai Hong

Hai Hong

Sworn Translator in Chinese-French

Hai Hong, a sworn translator of Chinese descent, has been a sworn translator by the Court of Appeal since 2012. Hai Hong translates legal and administrative documents. She carries out certified translations from chinese of birth certificates, marriage certificates and all other Chinese documents. She also translates documents from French to Chinese, in particular, contracts, articles of association and company registration certificates.

portait de Svetlana


Sworn Translator in Russian-French

Svetlana has dual nationality French-Bulgarian. She is a sworn translator, accredited by the Court of Appeal. She translates all civil service certificates, legal documents, diplomas and adoption records.

portait de Barbara


Sworn Translator in Polish-French

Barbara has been a sworn translator from the Court of Appeal for Polish and French since 2005. She translates all official and administrative documents, birth certificates, marriage certificates, adoption records, naturalisations and diplomas. She is a highly-trained translator and specialises in legal and technical translation.

portait d'Ana


Sworn Translator in Spanish-French

Ana, who originally comes from Venezuela, has lived in France for more than 30 years and has a lot of experience as an interpreter and as a sworn translator. She works with certified translations between Spanish and French and specialises in legal and administrative translations. She translates birth certificates, marraige certificates and driving licences between French and Spanish.

portait de Teresa


Sworn Translator in Italian-French

Teresa translates from Italian to French. She has a Doctorate in Languages and is a sworn translator accredited by the Court of Appeal in Bensançon, France. She translates birth certificates, marriage certificates, criminal records and all other certified translations for the French Administration.

portait de Liesbeth


Sworn Translator in Swedish-French

Liesbeth has two diplomas in Languages and International Affairs, which she received in Sweden and France. She works with certified translations between Swedish and French. She is a sworn translator accredited by the Court of Appeal in France and has a lot of experience in certified, legal and commercial translation.

portait de Janine


Sworn Translator in Spanish-German

Janine is completely bilingual. Along with her Master's degree in translation, she is a sworn translator accredited by the Court of Appeal in Germany. She specialises in the translation of administrative documents: driving licences, civil service certificates, contracts and diplomas.

portait de Louise


Sworn Translator in Danish-French-Norwegian

Louise has dual nationality and has mastered the Danish, French and Norwegian languages. She is a sworn translator in France and translates certificates and contracts, as well as legal and administrative documents.

portait de Carla


Sworn Translator in Italian-German

Carla, a sworn translator in Germany, specialises in legal and administrative translation. She is the one who looks after translations between German and Italian.

portait de Valentina


Sworn Translator in Spanish-French

Valentina, who is of Mexican descent, has been a sworn translator from the Court of Appeal for Spanish and French since 2012. She deals with certified translations of academic transcripts, diplomas and other university documents.

portait de Antonia


Sworn Translator in Greek-French

Antonia, a sworn translator for Greek, has 3 Maîtrises [Year 1 of French 2-year Master's degree] and also a Master's degree in Translation and Interpreting! She deals with all certified translations between French and Greek. Furthermore, she specialises in medical translation and translates prescriptions and medical certificates.

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